CBD Oil For Depression – Does It Cure Depression?

CBD Oil For Depression – How I Said Goodbye To My Anxiety & Depression For Good

CBD Oil and Depression – Does CBD Work for Depression?

Life is an array of feelings mixed together. Unfortunately we cannot cherry-pick experiences and moments that suit us and leave out the rest. Of course there’s moments of sadness, feeling down and under the weather. But there are also bright situations that make life worth living. Life swings between these and it’s up to us to find meaning on both sides of the story. This is where the conversation of CBD and depression come into play. And just as important, why our society has so many frequently asked questions about CBD.

When negativity and depression come and seem as if they are here to stay, the dark thoughts may prevail. That depression can make it all seem as if there’s no end in sight. These erratic negative thoughts may turn into all types of disorders that can harm people. Harming them both physically and psychologically. This is why everyone who is suffering from depression should seek professional support. Science has shown that untreated depression proves to be one of the leading causes of long-term brain health. On the other hand, depression recovery can be cause for celebration! Each one of us goes through that period on their own terms in their own pace.

Many self-care programs and a combination of techniques are recommended as helpful in overcoming or treating depression.This includes lifestyle changes, dietary changes and so on. The lifestyle change people say that the start of cannabis usage has helped them recover from their depressive episodes much quicker. This could be due to cannabis still being a somewhat undiscovered, and not searched enough area. It’s no secret that clinical trials are indeed lacking. However, there is solid evidence that it does immensely help the brain recover from depression quickly.

Below we’ll explain the link between depression, brain recovery and the healing compound of CBD and how CBD and depression therapy go hand in hand.

The Sources of Depression

Until recently depression has been predominantly linked to a chemical imbalance in our brain. A serotonin deficiency to be precise. However, although there is some truth in this statement, the bigger picture is missing. We now know that this is a myth because it was discovered that not everyone needs the same amount of serotonin. Also, depression is connected to many other neurotransmitter imbalances as well. Because of this, depression can and usually causes other chemical imbalances that produce things like anxiety. We’ve seen that besides depression, CBD is probably the best anxiety treatment as well.

Recently depression was linked to inflammation in the brain and the changes that happen inside of it. These changes can result from a plethora of conditions like trauma or chronic stress and other ones that are indeed the real cause of the imbalances we are experiencing in our brains. It’s now been proven that besides the serotonin and the brain imbalances, there is a wide mixture of influences that contribute to the fact whether a person will or won’t get affected by depression. Regardless of if they experience it earlier or later in life. Some of these influences are:

    • Genetics
    • Social isolation
    • Past trauma
    • Stressful life events
    • Physical illness
    • Chronic stress
    • Physical pain

Obviously there are a ton of factors contributing to a person being affected by depression at any point in their life. This only proves that there is no single cure for it, but it is rather individual and happens gradually over time. One man’s cure may be another man’s trigger. This is why experts recommend taking an approach that includes many different lifestyle changes rather than one way of fixing the problem.

Try CBD Oil for Depression Treatment

Neural Brain Regeneration

Anti-depressants, although immediately spiking the insulin in the brain, they do not improve one’s mood until weeks have passed. This indicates that the levels of the serotonin aren’t enough and aren’t directly responsible for regenerating your brain back to health once you have suffered from depression.

The hippocampus is a part of the brain responsible for memory, learning and emotion. During stages of depression, it atrophies and shrinks. Luckily for us, the hippocampus is also a part of the brain that is able to recover if we give it enough care.

New neurons can grow and form new connections which lead to new memory creations. This is something that we thought can only occur in young people’s brains. We now know that the antidepressants work solely because they help regenerate the hippocampus – which is why they take weeks to start showing results.


CBD And The Stimulation of Neural Regeneration

CBD was recently approved by the FDA to be used as a suitable medicine treating epileptic seizures. The reason it works is that this compound found in cannabis helps protect the neurons in the brain, giving them enough time to regenerate and strengthen from the previous damage.

There are even studies to back this up. Studies in rats with epilepsy has shown that regular CBD treatments are able to significantly reduce neuron atrophy. This could lead to death in the hippocampus if left untreated. In people, the first signs of the damaged, smaller hippocampus is depression. People easily become dependent on various drugs and cannabis with high THC content because of the stimulation it provides.


Getting Help – CBD and Depression

Preliminary studies and evidence show that CBD helps protect and grow neurons. The same studies show positive results in treating depression and other complex diseases. These studies are still being conducted to get more expansive data.

Currently there are conflicting reports as to whether cannabis plant helps relieve depression or it contributes to it. There are statistics that show when medical marijuana became legal our population saw a significant drop in suicide rates. But there are also results showing THC-rich cannabis induces anxiety and may even cause depression. This is true when people become extremely dependent on it. We conclude that CBD-rich marijuana is the key when it comes to stopping depression development in people of all ages. There are products such as CBD tinctures and CBD gummies that provide and excellent delivery method of CBD to help with depression.


Depression as a Mental Trap

Depression is a very serious mental disorder and many people truly struggle with it. It is what’s considered as a mental trap. This is where patience is needed in order to rewire your brain out of it. With depression, there are damaging brain patterns that are created that reinforce the imbalanced neurochemistry already going on inside you. This is why you might need healthy support in all categories of your life if you want to achieve a lasting recovery.

We say it’s a mental trap since you are the one who decides the new connections your brain makes. Molecules from drugs or CBD boost your brain’s ability to create new connections and to grow your brain circuitry. So this is why combining brain-focused treatments with psychotherapy is a proven treatment that always yields results.

Also, don’t dismiss self-help books and other sources of inspiration like friends, family and people you look up to. This can switch your thinking which will ultimately change the way your brain creates the connections. It will also produce chemistry inside leading to a new more loving direction.

Hemp Extract Tincture for Depression Treatment


You should know that CBD is not a first-line treatment for mental illnesses and depression. Here at Organic CBD Outlet we have found it extremely useful though as part of a long-term treatment in patients. If you feel you may be suffering from depression, do not leave it untreated, thinking it will go away on its own. Do your research. Get educated on CBD and the endocannabinoid system and how they work together. Also, you can find many documented video testimonials talking about how CBD has changed people’s lives. Reach out for help because these ailments are best treated in their beginning stages. We also want to add, when buying CBD there are certain things you want to know when buying CBD products online.

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