CBD for Pain – The New All-Natural Remedy?

CBD for chronic pain

CBD Oil for Pain Management: A Major Health Issue

Chronic pain is a major health problem that many people experience but do not know what to do about it. We now know that taking any sort of drugs long-term can produce problems in the long-term so people are left helpless and hopeless of whether they’ll ever find an alleviation to their chronic pain. Good news is that alternative cannabis-based products such as CBD are being developed constantly, especially in the latest years with all the marijuana legalization going on in the U.S. and worldwide. The reason why this is good news is that pain treatments like hemp oil really show a lot of favorable results when it comes to treating not only chronic pain, but CBD also helps with depression, arthritis, anxiety, injury-related pain, and many other body and mind ailments. Here is our take on using CBD for chronic pain.

Why is CBD More Favorable?

The reason why people prefer marijuana’s CBD over any other pharmaceutical pain medication is that it doesn’t cause the same dependency that you might get with the former. For instance, people have always been looking for alternative remedies for pain and inflammation and that proves the many turmeric and frankincense oil-based natural therapies that people recommend. CBD is such a life-changing type of treatment and probably way more potent. While you can’t go awfully wrong with turmeric dosages, you indeed can make a mistake that your body will react to if you overdose with CBD. You definitely need to understand how to take your CBD.

The hemp oil is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant and unlike the Cannabis Indica, this plant is slightly taller and differs in the amount of CBD. Namely, its CBD contents are higher and the reason why people favor is that it contains almost no trace of the psychoactive compound THC. Also, when it comes to sustainability, the hemp plants are grown commercially at a quite fast rate for a number of uses including medical use, so they are fairly Eco-friendly and sustainable.

How Does CBD Work in Reducing Pain?

In our bodies, we have the endocannabinoid system which has receptors for the cannabinoid compounds like CBD and THC in cannabis. Of course, there are hundreds of others, but these two have been studied the most so far. The psychoactive compound THC attaches to our CB1 receptors and generates the euphoric feeling that marijuana is known for. On the other hand, CBD pairs with our CB2 receptors counteracting the THC effects while assisting the body to better manage pain.

So, when used as a pain remedy, CBD-based products alleviate neuropathic pain significantly better than any other substance, including THC. The CBD activates the CB2 receptors and with it many of the pathways that ease the pain, which then goes a long way towards managing long term conditions such as diabetes, MS, and fibromyalgia.

Certain research suggests that Cannabidiol (or CBD) activates the glycerin receptors of the body. These receptors are located in the central nervous system taking place in different parts of the brain and spinal cord. So, when a person suffers from chronic pain, and these receptors are disabled due to inflammatory factors, the CBD can reactivate them and make them less viable to the pain until the person has subsided the cause and symptoms of the inflammation in the body overall.

The Other Benefits of Using CBD

Smoking, vaping, eating cannabis edibles are taking new forms today, other than just getting high. There are many health benefits included as science discovers, so, additionally, to simply managing chronic pain, there are many other benefits that you can read about below.

A Natural Remedy for Insomnia

When it comes to insomnia, the problem isn’t only in not getting enough sleep thus exhausting your body beyond its ability to cope. It is also about the individuals who already suffer from chronic pain – they are more likely to feel more intense pain as the body is unable to complete its natural healing process to alleviate some of the effects caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle injury, or another type of chronic pain by sleeping a good 8 hour sleep each night. However, the cause and effect go the other way round too. All that inflammation and chronic pain already present in the body keep it at a constant fight-or-flight state making for the person impossible to relax and fall asleep. So, CBD with its neuroprotective properties encourages rest and improves sleep which then helps with the restoration and regeneration of the body.

A Natural Muscle Relaxant

When it comes to muscle relaxants, to be able to completely relax and ease into your day is not only great when you’re suffering from chronic pain but also when, say, you have overworked at your physically-demanding job, or overtrained at the gym, and now you need something natural to relax your muscles and help you with the inflammation until your muscles gather strength again and recuperate power. This will enable you to move freely without the use of any pain killers or topical gels and creams.

Depression and Anxiety Relief

It’s nothing new by now that people treat anxiety and depression by smoking or ingesting cannabis and the plant being effective for this mental ailment is no surprise, especially when depression sometimes occurs as a common effect of chronic pain. Just imagine not being able to walk or go to work each day normally without being in pain – it surely can have a devastating effect on your normal life. Also, CBD induces the “happy” brain chemicals that help in the numbing down brain receptors which register pain anywhere in your body. Also, social and any form of anxiety can be treated by CBD’s ability to calm the nerves and keep you grounded at all times. You are in a constant state of calmness and peacefulness, and without the addictive component of anti-anxiety medication like Benzos or Xanax.

CBD is Non-Psychotropic

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why CBD is legal and can be used by people of all ages is its non-psychotropic effects on the body. Sure, weed with its THC levels is fun to be used because of its high, however, not everyone wants to enjoy the high at all times. Especially when they have to dose several times a day and still go to work/school and function properly. On the contrary, CBD stabilizes cognitive and neurological functions. This is also why THC is still illegal in many countries where CBD and CBD-based products are a success.

Our Take on Using CBD Products for Pain Management

CBD is a new form of treatment that surely isn’t all that new, but we somehow lost knowledge and wisdom for “alternative” medicine and started considering plants a drug. Luckily, modern science is rediscovering marijuana’s benefits and we are slowly regaining confidence in it. CBD is a medicine that does not feel like medicating at all. On the contrary, this highly versatile remedy fits everyone’s daily regimen because of its various forms of usage. Whether it’s topically, smoked, vaped or ingested, CBD is an excellent option for those who want to opt out of taking pills and go with something gentler on their system.