How to Take Your CBD – CBD Dosage Guide

CBD Dosage Guide

Have you decided to start supplementing or medicating with cannabidiol (CBD) for an ailment or to simply strengthen your health? Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. These days CBD is a true sensation, and many people use it for the same reasons. Some of which are using CBD for relief and support for anxiety, depression and menopause symptoms to CBD for chronic pain, insomnia, arthritis, autoimmune conditions and other health issues.

Whatever your reason may be, there comes another more important question that you have to make a decision about: How to take your CBD-based product, and in which form. Namely, there are many forms of CBD fortified products nowadays such as edibles,
vaping CBD-rich strains or smoking them, tinctures, topicals, and so on. If you have started researching, we are sure you felt overwhelmed at some point and even considering if CBD is truly the right choice for you, since there are so many ways of administering it as medicine. But don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people felt that way in the beginning, and that is why we are here to help. So if you are wondering; “How will my body react best”, and trying to figure out the dosage you should consume, check out our CBD dosage guide below.

Orally Taken CBD

Swallowing your CBD remedy is something people opt for very often and this can be done to forms of CBD such as edibles, capsules, powders, oils, and tinctures. When you are taking the CBD product through the mouth like this, you should know that it goes through your digestive tract, and then it gets absorbed into the bloodstream and is able to affect your body and its ailments.

The time it takes for the CBD to reach its target is rather slow when is being taken in such a way simply because it needs to pass through your stomach and get digested first. However, 2-6 hours is the general time frame in which CBD is able to reach its target in your body. This method is excellent for long-term supplementation.

Orally – Sublingually Taken CBD

Now, this method of taking CBD is similar to the previous one since it is taken through the mouth but with one difference. You hold the CBD product under your tongue in order to get it absorbed directly into your bloodstream and get a much quicker and more potent effect.

The type of CBD products you can take sublingually are CBD based oils and CBD tinctures. The way it works is by putting it directly under your tongue and not swallowing it for as long as you can. Researchers report that holding it for as long as 1.5 minutes to 2 delivers the most effects. Namely, this way you allow it to get absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the capillaries which are present under your tongue, along with the gums and cheek. This way you absorb 5-fold the amount of the CBD you normally would if you swallow it immediately as the first method suggests.

The way you speed up CBD’s effects is by bypassing the metabolism and digestion of it and directly send it to your bloodstream. The time frame in which you can expect the first effects is somewhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours or less.

Inhaling your CBD

Inhaling your CBD can be done with dabs, waxes, CBD rich strains, and through vape pens or CBD vape additives. This is another more effective method because, again, it bypasses the stomach digestion, and through the lungs, it passes to the bloodstream quickly. The best part is that by inhaling CBD you speed up the process of its effects by a lot, and you can feel its effects in as short as 10 minutes.

One thing to consider is to avoid cheap vape pens that are disposable because they deliver cleaner vapor and heat-destroy the CBD rich strains much less in order for you to take its full benefits. Also, avoid “propylene glycol” in the ingredients when getting your CBD product for inhaling.

Topical Administration

You can apply your CBD through the largest organ in your body, the skin. This can be done by taking creams and lotions which are fortified with CBD. You want to take this medicine topically if you need to target inflammation on the skin, muscles, and pain-perceiving nerves. This way almost nothing enters your bloodstream but it does affect the areas we have mentioned above. CBD salves or CBD muscle rubs are an excellent choice here.

Consider pairing your topical CBD with some of the other methods mentioned above if you are considering long-term medicating with it and healing your body in the best way possible.

Vaginal & Anal CBD Dosing

We think is maybe a little more extreme of an application but hey, NO judgement here! The way this works is by taking the following types of CBD: Suppositories, sprays, creams in applicators. Namely, this method is similar to the way the topical usage works, but it is even a bit better simply because the areas on which you are applying the CBD have many more capillaries so the CBD will go into the bloodstream as well and affect you much better. Studies have shown that you feel the effects of the CBD in 2-7 hours by applying it in such a way.

Other Things to Consider When Medicating With CBD

You Should Clarify Your Goals

It is known that CBD has a wide range of areas it affects in the body thus a variety of therapeutic properties are known to be delivered by taking it. However, you should clarify what your goal is simply because focusing on one or two things will help you find the best way of applying CBD and will help you reach your goals better. Ask yourself whether you are trying to improve certain function in your body, or you need emotional support. Maybe you suffer from chronic pain or arthritic pain. All these questions will help you discover the best way for you.

The Time in Which You Want The CBD to Take Effect

As mentioned before, different CBD applications and methods have different time frames of affecting you in their full effect. Decide whether you want a quick hit of CBD or you want something to take longer and last longer, and go from there.

The Right Supplementation For Your Body

Sure, there are many ways to supplement for many different ailments but here is a scheme you can follow in order to get the most out of your CBD product.

General Health Issues

If you are supplementing with CBD for general health issues then follow the guidelines below:

Anxiety – Oral consumption of one dosage 3 times per day appropriated by vaping as needed.

Arthritis – Again, oral consumption of one dosage 3 times per day plus applying it topically as needed.

Insomnia – Taking it sublingually a couple of hours before going to bed and winding down and relaxing to let it do its magic. Note that lower doses will energize you, but higher doses will put you to sleep.

Menstrual Cramps – Taking CBD orally throughout the day when you start experiencing the cramps and applying it vaginally to speed up the process as needed.

Few Other Super-important Things to Consider

Pay attention to the quality of the CBD and where you are supplying it from. This is one of the most important things simply because there are huge differences between low-quality and high-quality CBD products and the way they affect you.

Another thing to have in mind is the dosing. Sure, CBD isn’t psychoactive as THC, and won’t make you lose your senses as much, but still, there is such thing as too much CBD. Generally, doses up to 1,200 mg a day are allowed and safe without any serious side effects.

However, have in mind that everyone is different and we all absorb CBD differently. It all depends on skin type for the topicals, or the digestion of one for the oral administration, and so on. You should find your dose by trying out and experimenting but most importantly, before embarking on your CBD healing journey, you should consult with a trusted medical professional to help you find answers to any questions that might bother you regarding CBD in general.

That said, we wish you best of luck with your healing process, and if you have any questions, considerations, or tips for us and our readers, don’t be shy to post them below in the comment section.

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