10 Things To Know When Buying CBD Online

CBD is the outbreak of modern science and it is very popular these days. However, with the popularity there comes more responsibility and need for knowledge to really know which product is the right one and which is not. With all the claims of CBD helping treat anxiety or depression or other ailments, it’s important to educate yourself. There are many producers trying to make quick money by producing a scam product that has nothing to do with the original CBD oil-based medicine. Here we will teach you how to separate the real from the low-quality one and truly select what you need.

1. Choose products that have been tested by 3rd party labs

This goes for any health product or drug you are buying these days. 3rd party labs can really show if the product delivers what its manufacturers claim it to be. If the product hasn’t been tested like this or the information isn’t presented to the public it can mean that the product did not match what is stated to be able to heal or that besides the CBD oil, it contains harmful substances like the residue of some sort. Also, make sure that the 3rd lab tests come from accredited trustworthy laboratories that are known for their transparency when it comes to testing various products on the market.

CBD oil capsules third party lab test results

Truth is, without these tests no one is really certain that the CBD oil is safe to use and beneficial for your health. So we’d recommend contacting the manufacturer and asking for these tests, because they may have simply forgotten to add to their website, as an honest mistake. If not, then try finding another similar product that had underwent these kinds of tests.

Companies like ProVerde Laboratories offer fully verified CBD and Cannabis lab testing.

2. What is the THC content of the CBD oil?

Make sure you pay attention to the THC content of the CBD oil you are buying. This is because of more reasons, and the first being the law. Namely, only 0.3% of THC is legal in most states and countries in the world. Anything more than that is illegal and rather unsafe to use because of the psychoactive effects of THC.

3. What else the CBD oil contains?

There can be many other ingredients used in the CBD oil extraction process which is why you should be wary of the residue these leave behind when the final product is placed on the market. Check the ingredient list and see if there are ingredients listed at all because if there aren’t this should raise a red flag because it shows the company isn’t transparent.

If there are other ingredients in the CBD oil you’re buying but you cannot recognize them as a whole product, then do internet research and see if they’re harmful and why were they added there in the first place. Look for the negative side effects in particular.

Also, see if the ingredients used in the oil are organic and all-natural. If so, this is a really positive mark and shows that the product is beneficial with all its premium ingredients added to enhance the healing effects.

4. Cultivation and sourcing of the hemp

Another thing to pay close attention to is the cultivation and the sourcing of the hemp used for the CBD oil production. Namely, hemp cannabis is the primary source that CBD is extracted from simply because it naturally contains more CBD than THC. However, the quality of that hemp and how it was raised plays a big role in the healing potency of the oil as an end product.

It is great if the manufacturer maintains close a relationship with their suppliers because then they can see how the hemp is indeed grown and harvested and they can be sure that they are truly delivering the highest-quality product. Also, the manufacturer may be the producer of hemp at the same time. This is also promising because they ensure high-quality end product in that case with the lowest price possible at the same time.

Avoid companies that produce CBD oils with CBD isolates they get shipped from across the world without knowing how that CBD is extracted nor how the hemp was cultivated in the first place. The hemp can be sourced from anywhere, but the U.S has nutrient-rich soil and high standard cultivation processes so buying a product that has been grown there ensures highest product quality. There are many hemp farms now in Colorado, North Carolina, or Kentucky so you can try searching for a CBD oil produced there.

As said before, make sure everything is organic and non-GMO.

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5. The type of CBD used

What type of CBD is used in the product is also highly important because there are many forms available but not all are optimal. When you start researching and look at different products around will notice that there are CBD products that contain “Full Spectrum CBD,” “Broad Spectrum CBD,” or “CBD Isolate.” If you want to make the best choice you should know the difference between these. So let’s see what that difference is:

Firstly, the difference starts with the cannabinoid extraction process. Namely, if it’s an isolate, then you are looking at pure CBD that was extracted from hemp. This results in 99% pure CBD extract that contains all substances from the plant – predominantly CBD but also THC and other cannabinoids that work together.

Next, with the broad Spectrum CBD you get pure CBD extract extracted as an isolate and mixed with a full Spectrum CBD. This mixture has the THC completely removed out of the equation.

Lastly, the full spectrum CBD is a CBD extract that contains THC in it. Depending on where you live, this may not always be optimal for you given the fact that THC is illegal. Also if you are using the CBD oil throughout the day or giving it to your child, then high THC with its psychoactive effects is something to be avoided. This is why the broad spectrum CBD or the isolate are better choices.

6. The extraction type of CBD

How the CBD is extracted is also important when it comes to getting the best CBD oil. Namely, during a CO2 extraction, pressurized carbon dioxide is used in order to extract the CBD from the whole plant. This is then compressed into a supercritical cold liquid state which preserves the nutrients crucial to delivering the healing benefits of the oil.

10 Things To Know When Buying CBD Online, CBD Vape Additive Third Party Lab Test Results

7. The amount of CBD per dosage

The amount you are getting in each dosage is also important when it comes to buying a good CBD oil. Compare different CBD oils and understand how much CBD each contains in a single dose. This can give you an idea of how that product would fit into your lifestyle. Not always the more is better, but also low amounts won’t give you the healing you desire.

For instance, CBD Tinctures are administered from droppers. The bottles hold concentrates of 15ml, 30ml, or 60ml, and one serving is one milliliter. So if you want to determine the amount of CBD in a single serving, you can do so by following this simple formula: Total CBD Content in Bottle ÷ Number of Servings in Bottle.
For instance, 500mg ÷ 60 = 8.33mg per serving

This is fairly little and you may end up wasting your money instead on this product. So, you should search for a tincture that contains more CBD per serving.

The CBD Capsules, on the other hand, are pretty straight forward with the dosage they contain. One capsule is one serving and they openly state on the package how much mg of CBD you’re getting by taking one capsule.

8. The price of the CBD product

The price, and whether the product was priced fairly is also important when it comes to avoiding being ripped off. As mentioned before, the CBD drugs are very popular at the moment simply because they are an alternative healing method without the consequences (or very little side effects) so people are trying to make easy money. To avoid getting ripped off you should compare different products on the market, how they were manufactured, the dosage, the cultivation, and how that product will get to you (the shipping). Spending a few more bucks on an organic CBD product surely is worth it but if the price varies greatly compared to other similar products then maybe you should choose another one that is priced at less.

9. The reputation of the manufacturer

It isn’t enough to only check the company’s website. This may not give you an objective insight into what the company is truly about. Instead, try searching for independent forums and other retail online shops that sell this product such as eBay or Amazon that have reviews from people who really tried the product. These are other social platforms like Facebook will give you the real picture of the product and what you can expect from it.

10. Are CBD-based products legal where you live

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure the state you live in considers CBD as a legal substance. This is very important, especially if you’re looking to get your CBD product shipped from somewhere else. The law about CBD is somewhere in the grey area, especially with the THC content in it and the amount of it. Look into the laws and regulations for cannabis and CBD in particular in your country and see the THC amount that is allowed to be used. For instance, states like California and Florida allow for a broad CBD usage, however, in states such as Kansas you should be more careful to avoid potential issues with the law.


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