Our Story

About Organic CBD Outlet

Best buds (pun intended), Randy and Michael are the two guys behind OrganicCBDOutlet.com

One is a married family man, a devoted husband and loving father.

The other is a globe-trotting single guy, always up for the next crazy adventure.

Both of them looked out on the massive numbers of people suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, depression and even cancer and saw a group of people who could benefit from the powerful and potentially healing benefits of CBD.

Now, to be clear (and so we don’t get sued by some whacko) we cannot claim with 100% certainty that CBD cures cancer or anything else for that matter (those government regulations, you know). Some of you want not even know what CBD is but thankfully you’ve arrived here. Educating our society is our #1 goal.

We Believe in our CBD Products

  • The hemp we use is grown in Colorado, USA without pesticides and is non-GMO. 
  • We use 100% decarboxylated (Activated) high CBD Colorado grown hemp oil that is more bio-available than the raw CBD oil many other companies use.
  • We use a clean earth friendly CO2 extraction process to make our CBD oils. This leaves behind no harsh chemicals and doesn’t harm the environment or the communities we live in.
  • Organic CBD Outlet strongly believes in full transparency. We provide 3rd party lab results for every product directly on the label.

About Us Organic CBD Outlet

The CBD Stories

If you read the stories we tell, watch our videos, you’ll hear about real life people who were healed of chronic pain by regular dosing of CBD.

You’ll hear stories of men and women who were crippled by uncontrollable anxiety who are now cool as cucumbers in even the most stressful situations by regular use of CBD for their anxiety.

You’ll read about men and women who couldn’t get out of bed because they were so depressed.

People who felt so down and hopeless that they considered ending their lives who are now living full lives.

And they credit regular use of CBD as one of the main reasons for their turnaround. Life changing moments for people who use CBD to treat depression and other ailments and diseases.

You’ll even hear the incredible stories of people dying of cancer who were rescued from the grave by taking specific doses and types of CBD.

Unbelievable at first?


But if you talk to the real men and women who experienced it, they believe it.

CBD and Big Pharma

Before the big pharma companies get a hold of it, regulate it, and strip it of all its healing properties, we are committed to providing a place where all people who want to experience healing can come and get the highest quality, organic CBD without a prescription, and with full confidence that relief is only days away.